About Us – Piling

Precast Concrete Piles

DC Piling manufacture continuously reinforced precast concrete piles, cast in standard square sections from 220mm to 360mm. The pile lengths range from 4m to 13m, increasing in 1m increments. Longer piles can be achieved by means of jointing. This allows piles lengths to be extended on site very quickly using a mechanical interlocking joint.

Steel Piles

DC Piling can install top driving steel tube and H section piles. Steel piles can withstand hard driving conditions which can be advantages where boulders and rock are present. Recycled oil casings with diameters of 177mm or 244mm and a wall thickness of 13mm are used for steel piles. Similar to the precast pile, steel tubes can be jointed to increase the length and minimise wastage using either a threaded collar or by welding.

Bottom Driven Steel Cased Mini Piles

DC Piling can install steel cased mini piles with a cross section of 150mm to 323mm which can carry safe working loads from 100Kn to 700Kn depending on the ground conditions. This form of piling works well in sites with limited access, low head room and where excessive vibration can cause harm to adjacent buildings. The steel casings are filled with high strength concrete once they have reached the required set or depth and reinforcing bars are put in place.