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DC Piling

We Specialise in Precast and steel driven piles and offer full foundational packages with both insitu and precast ring beam designed and manufactured to suit your needs. We cater to all sizes of jobs from large commercial foundations to one off houses and extensions. All jobs are different and we strive to meets the needs of all our customers on site no matter how complex and offer a vibration monitoring service if needed.
DC Piling has a wide range of equipment to ensure that we can deliver a piling solution specific to your needs


Juntann PM16

The Juntann PM16 is our main rig. It has three different interchangable hammer heads to allow for 200mm, 275 mm and 320mm squared precast piles to suit any job. It takes up to 13 metre long piles and can be erected on site in less than half an hour.
The rig has proven productivity due to excellent mobility, easy and fast handling of piles and top pile driving performance with Junttan hydraulic hammers. The self-erecting leader and many advanced technical features ensure that the rig is ready to work in just a few minutes. The expandable tracks and low centre of gravity make the rig exceptionally stable in different working situations. The horizontal movement of the leader ensures fast spotting of the pile.

Key Statistics:

  • Average working weight: 37 000 kb (81 570 lb)
  • Leader capacity: 12 000 kg (26 400 lb)
  • Max pile length: 16 m (52 ft)
  • Engine power: 179 kW (240 hp)
  • Winch capacity: Pile: 5 000 kg (11 000 lb)
  • Winch capacity: Hammer: 8 000 kg (17 600 lb)
  • Undercarriage: Length: 4460 mm (181 in)
  • Undercarriage: Width (900 shoes): 3 000 – 4 000 mm (118–157 in)

Mini Rigs

Our two mini rigs specialise in steel bottom, driven mini piles. These are most commonly used for house and extensions or bases for masts. Their compact size makes them effective is space restricted jobs or when low vibrations is needed.

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