About Us – Foundations

Our expert team have years of experience ground beam design and manufacturing allowing us to provide foundational solutions for even the most challenging ground conditions.

Precast Ring Beam Foundations
Our Pre-Cast ring beams are made in our yard in special moulds and delivered and fitted on site. They sit on top of pile caps that have been secured to the top of the piles and are held together with U-bars that come out of either end and inter-lock with the pile cap re-bar.

In-situ Ring Beam Foundations
In-situ ring beams have their steel reinforcing welded in the yard and is tied together on site. The piles are driven and then the ring beam design is dug into the ground. A mud mat is poured and the cages are set in place on engineering brick.

Trick trak is then added around the cages to provide space between the cage and shuttering. The shuttering is added and filled around by the digger to hold it securely in place. The concrete is then added in afterwards giving a more structurally sound foundation.

Precast Foundations
In-situ Foundations